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With the departure of Michael Hamlett, the cover artist I have used for Finding Balance and Memory's Curse, I needed someone who could bring the grandeur as well as the understanding of the characters. I found that in Don Aguillo.

A talented artist, Don knew just what to do when rendering the cover art for The Archer's Paradox, and with the beta readers currently doing their work, this novel should see the light of day by the end of 2021.

With Apollo's mind—and Reason itself—splintered, humanity stands on the brink of chaos, pushing a grief-stricken Zeus toward annihilating the world. Aegis and the rest of Task Force: GAEA must somehow heal Apollo before a looming figure from his past can destroy him.

Cover Art — The Archer's Paradox

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Flash Fiction in Ink anthology




A story of mine, "Indelible," is one of 121 pieces of flash fiction included in this anthology published by Other Worlds Ink.

Queer Sci Fi has put out a number of flash fiction anthologies, and I am honored to be included in this one.

Check it out on Amazon.

A mythology-inspired, fantasy short story, "The Long Way Home," appears in this LGBTQ anthology. On Amazon.


In this sci-fi adventure, two men fighting on opposite sides of a great war find common ground on a distant planet, and much, much more. You will find some similarities to stories by the Greek writer, Homer.

COVER ART for the first book in The DragonHawk Cycle Trilogy: The Quest of Wyndracer and Fyrehunter.


It's being tweaked, and a larger image will be available soon.


The book should be out in spring 2019.

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Luciano Vecchio's Task Force: Gaea

Luciano Vecchio has drawn his version of Task Force: Gaea, putting his own animated style on the characters, jumping through one of Dan's portals.


Luciano's work is on his Deviant Art site as well as in his own comic, Sereno.

Check out the TASK FORCE: GAEA page for a free standalone short story called "The Zodiak Prince." 

Two of my LGBT horror short stories, "The Returning" and "The Blood of the Willing," will be in the anthology, In Darkness Peering: Tales from the Bent Side. I join some incredible authors in this anthology. Find it here at Amazon.

My short story, "The Littlest Prince," is included in this anthology, put out by The Debut Collective. Check this out!

Greek myth fantasy novel series

After Finding Balance and Memory's Curse comes the next installment in the Task Force: Gaea saga. Out now, The Liar's Prophecy explores the relationship of truth to lies. An ancient power, long dead and forgotten, returns to challenge everything Aegis, Talon, Aether, and Zodiak have ever believed. In a world where gods exist, and boundaries between the living and the dead are fluid...


Death cannot protect you from your past.

David Berger is a master storyteller but he tells stories that take thought and the reader's attention, something I think we're losing in this day and age. - C. Duby 

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Greek myth fantasy novel series

Of Mortal Bonds (TBD)

Right from the pages of Memory's Curse—Zeus decrees that he and the gods will live one year as mortals on Earth to gain perspective. With no ties to Olympos or each other, they will have to explore what being human truly means—humility and sacrifice. Having lived with extraordinary powers and privilege for millennia, it will take strength of character and spirit to endure giving up that which they have always treasured—and taken for granted.


This anthology chronicles the yearlong journey of Zeus, Hera, and the rest of the main pantheon as they allow Fate to decide who they are and how they live. The anthology will more than likely be a few books.

"Task Force Gaea: Finding Balance" by David Berger is an excellent novel that would fit comfortably on the shelf between "The Watchmen" by Alan Moore

and the works of Homer translated by Robert Fagles. - Phillip F.

Greek myth fantasy novel series

Silver Jow Draws Task Force: Gaea

Artist Silver Jow has put his own spin on the characters from the Task Force: Gaea series. This picture to the left is modeled after the cover of the first novel, Finding Balance.


It's incredible to see my characters through the eye of different artists, and Silver has created some spectacular versions. Click on the picture to see the individual images.


To see his own work, you can visit his Deviant Art page or his Facebook page

Unlike other books that use ancient Greek myths to inform their narrative, Berger doesn't gloss over the intricacies of those stories, nor does he take only the most well known aspects to braid into his novel. He goes deep into the myths to create a story with timely modern themes, such as environmentalism and personal destiny. - James Matlack Raney, author of the Jim Morgan series