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Once in a while, I'm asked to do an interview by another author, creator, or artist. I've included links to those here. Some are radio interviews (Blog Talk Radio, mostly) while others are in text. I'm always eager to talk about what interests me, being a teacher, as well as (almost) anything else that you might wish to know. It can't hurt to ask, right? Enjoy!

2021: Interview with The Stew Simpson Show

24 JUL 2021: Interview by Stew Simpson from the UK about my writing, what motivates me, and much more. You can listen here

2021: Interview with WonderTalks with Roni

18 MAR 2021: Interview by my friend Roni about Wonder Woman, my books, and much more. Check it out here

Interview with Hangin with Web Show

16 NOV 2016: Interview by G.W. Pomichter at Necrocomicon in 2016. Video of me in cosplay as well. Check it out here


The Happy Hour Podcast w/ Johnny & Duce: Episode 184 & 185

12 JUL 2016: (Episode 185) This episode was ALLLLLL about me and the TASK FORCE: GAEA series! Check it out here.


8 JUL 2016: (Episode 184) I sat down with Johnny, Duce, and Johnny's wife, Brandy, to talk about many things, including DC's Rebirth. Check it out here

WROTE Podcast

2 FEB 2016: Spoke with author and voice talent Vance Bastian about just about everything. Check out the interview here

Countdown to RainbowCon: Amethyst Daydreams


13 MAR 2014: Counting down to RAINBOWCON, Megan Kyser of the Amethyst Daydreams blog talked with me about being a gay writer and how that has affected working with my students, especially those in the LGBTQ community. We also chatted about having gay characters without necessarily having a gay novel.


Savas Abadsidis with The Huffington Post & The Good Men Project


18 DEC 2013: Savas Abadsidis and I chat about how I came out on AOL, how coping with an emotionally abusive relationship helped ground me and push me forward into writing, my faith, and how I found my voice. Being a gay writer and educator, this interview was my first time opening up about some of the more challenging aspects of coming to terms with my sexuality as well as dealing with emotional abuse. My hope is that people will understand it's possible to move forward.


16 AUG 2013: Savas Abadsidis, with The Good Men Project, and I talked about my fascination with Greek mythology as well as the resurgence in the genre today, plus my take on the current "Nu52" in DC Comics I'm not reading at the moment and why.


A Conversation with A. Wrighton


2 AUG 2013: A. Wright, screenwriter and novelist, wanted to chat, and so we did. She has so much energy, it's hard to keep up! There's something to be said for having conversations with interesting people, and A. Wrighton certainly fits that to a "T".

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In the News...

22 SEPT 2013: The Tampa Bay Times Top of the Class section includes an article about me written by correspondent Megan Hussey describing how my own writing has affected students of mine as well as their writing. Sometimes you really don't know just what kind of effect you have on people until you hear it from their mouths.

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