This series of novels began with a short story called "The Olympus Corps." back in 1985. Finding Balance, the modern incarnation of that story, took me almost 25 years to finish and publish—certainly a labor of love. The novels highlight my affinity for the Greek gods, especially Apollo, as well as the characters who comprise the United Nations Task Force named for Mother Earth... Gaea.

BOOK 1—Finding Balance


BOOK 2—Memory's Curse



This series contains LGBTQ characters.

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Four modern day strangers—Dan, Aleta, Brandon, and Sarah—learn they are bound by prophecy to fix what the Olympeian gods have broken. Gifted with ancient magic from long lost civilizations, they must master their powers while contending with forces escaping from the Underworld and also find a way to repair the Sacred Scales, destroyed by an angry goddess long ago. Their success lies with Apollo, a god whose earthbound journey provided the means to fulfill the prophecy. These four mortals—a teacher, a scientist, a zoologist, and a potter—join the United Nations Task Force Division sworn to protect an endangered world, becoming the sole team—codename: GAEA—who can fight the monstrous threats and bring Order to a world plunged into Chaos. Bringing together the powers of the ancient gods and the strength of the human spirit, the members of TASK FORCE: GAEA may have to sacrifice that which they hold dear to be their only key to success. Can mortals succeed where gods cannot go?

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For Aegis, Zodiak, Aether, and Talon, life should have returned to normal after they fulfilled their destiny. With history born anew, paranoia plagues this new time line, and tight-fisted governments mandate control through a pervasive military presence, DNA scans, and surveillance cameras. Strange occurrences all over the world give way to a new mission for Task Force: Gaea when an ancient cloudlike evil referred to in prophecy only as The Nebulous One emerges from Tartaros, with the intention of devouring the Olympeian gods. But, before she can find them, all of the gods but Apollo have disappeared. Leaving chaos in her wake, this evil crosses the globe to satisfy her hunger. The race begins: can Apollo and Task Force: Gaea vanquish this primordial goddess without falling prey to her power before she finds the gods? This epic battle between good and evil leaves both immortal and mortal alike wondering whether memory can be a blessing… or a curse.



Of Mortal Bonds (TBD)



Right from the pages of Memory's Curse, this anthology explores the mortal lives of the Olmypeian gods.


Zeus's decree that the gods live a year on Gaea without godly magic will test their ability to adapt. How will each god or goddess survive in a life chosen for them by Ananke, the goddess of Necessity? Can Ares survive as a social worker? Hades as a life coach? Aphrodite as a facial burn victim?


This story of mortal bonds will change the gods of Olympos for all time.

BOOK 3—The Liar's Prophecy


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Zodiak's identity quest to ancient Arkadeia may leave his teammates, Aegis, Talon, and Aether vulnerable in the modern day when a long-forgotten and powerful criminal—a son of Gaea—escapes Tartaros to continue the undertaking he began a millennia ago. In the wake of Lismonia's godhunt, this new mission begins with misunderstood prophecies and a series of gruesome murders ultimately leading to a betrayal that could tear apart the Task Force: GAEA team. And Gaea's son has just begun. The investigation ultimately brings to the The Liar's Prophecy, and an unsuspecting Task Force: GAEA has no choice but to see it to completion, an enterprise that could bring them to the threshold of madness.


Lies and secrets surface that reveal mysteries surrounding not only the gods of Olympos, but also Aegis, Talon, Aether, and Zodiak—these secrets will forever change the nature of Task Force: GAEA.


One among them is fated to fall because even death cannot protect you from your past.

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BOOK 4—The Archer's Paradox


With Apollo's mind—and Reason itself—splintered, humanity stands on the brink of chaos, pushing a grief-stricken Zeus toward annihilating the world. Aegis and the rest of Task Force: GAEA must somehow heal Apollo before a looming figure from his past can destroy him.


BOOK 5—Oracle's End

Slated for a 2020 release, this final book in the series will explore what becomes of Task Force: Gaea as a team as well as other mysteries that have yet to be revealed.

While this will be the last official novel in this series, stay tuned for other projects that will include the heroes within.