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In the summer of 1989, I did one thing that would forever change my life: I traveled to Ireland. I'd never been out of the United States before, and my first trip abroad filled me with the wonder and magic of the Emerald Isle. Ever since then, I've been back four times, and each visit brings a renewed sense of appreciation. I've also been fond of Celtic myth and folklore, so when my Muse decided to give me ideas, these ideas were of a Celtic story.


The DragonHawk Cycle is named to pay homage to the cycles of Celtic mythology (Ulster, Historical, etc.). The first book in this series will be about the adventures of Conall and his friend Aedan who are sent on a great adventure to find magical artifacts to save their world from the upcoming battle between the Ancient Ones, the Ársa, and the Keen Ones, the Fonn, both seeking a stronger foothold in the mortal realm.


Conall's best friend is Lann, a hawk, and they join with Aedan, whose guardian is a dragon, Fíorcra, and together they search for the Wands of Danu, thirteen wands of sacred wood that, when used properly, will diffuse the godwar.


This first book, The Quest of Wynrdacer and Fyrehunter, will combine aspects of Celtic culture, folklore, and mythology into a mystical adventure series.


Out now on Amazon.


This is a YA novel with LGBT characters.

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