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David grew up with privilege—the privilege of being immersed in reading from a very early age. His childhood years were spent with a flashlight under the blanket after bedtime, reading anything he could from encyclopedias to Hardy Boy Mysteries (and when he was done with those, he read the Nancy Drew Mysteries). His love of fantasy eventually merged with comic books and Greek mythology, and thus his adoration of Wonder Woman began. In his senior year of high school, he wrote a short story entitled "The Olympus Corps." Little did he know that that very story of Star-Trek-meets-Greek-Myth would evolve into his first novel, Task Force: Gaea. Eventually, he would become an English teacher where he could help foster a love of literature with his students.


A culture sponge, he's traveled to Ireland, Spain, and France, among other places where his appreciation for the humanities would push him to finish his novel. A poet, a Hibernophile, and an avid reader, he studied W. B. Yeats in Galway, Ireland with an NEH endowment, fueling his literary fire and his poetic side. 


In 2012, he published his "baby"—Finding Balance—after an almost 25-year gestation period. A year after that came Memory's Curse, and then The Liar's Prophecy. In December 2021, The Archer's Paradox came out in addition to book one of a Celtic fantasy trilogy, The Quest of Wyndracer and Fyrehunter. In the works is an anthology, Of Mortal Bonds, tied to his second Task Force: GAEA novel, Memory's Curse.


He is living his dream, as it were, and resides in Land O' Lakes, FL with his dog Argos.


He plans on creating more stories about Aaron and Jason, two men who met in short fiction he had in a holiday anthology here.

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