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Being in a Wonder Woman comic...

My first time in a Wonder Woman comic was in 1999. I met artist Yanick Paquette on a Comic Book Resources message board. He was the artist on the Wonder Woman comic book, and he asked fans for any text or pictures he could include in the book. I submitted a face picture (photo inset by me) and hoped for the best. Well, as you can see, he did indeed include my likeness in a museum picture from Wonder Woman #148 in 1999. 

My second time in a Wonder Woman comic book was Wonder Woman #44 in 2010. I was a co-moderator of the Comic Book Resources Wonder Woman forum with then-writer of the Wonder Woman comic Gail Simone. My screen name was aegisbearer.


I had playfully suggested that she name two Megalodons (sharks that patrolled Themyscira, the Amazons' home) either Razortooth or Stealthfin. (see below)


I was convinced that Gail wouldn't even pay any attention to my idea, until I saw her post below. She wanted to include the names in my honor. Was I cool with that? Hell yeah!


It wasn't until the last issue of her run that I noticed she had indeed used one of the names: Stealthfin.


Being in a Wonder Woman comic book was something that made me—a lifelong fan—beam with pride. I never expected that I would have had two such amazing experiences. This character was instrumental in shaping who I am today, so having my likeness or my idea in the book makes me a part of the character's history.


This touches a part of my soul, and I'm forever grateful for these opportunities. But, as the Fates would have it, I wasn't yet done being a part of Diana's world. History would repeat itself in a surprising way.

Early in 2015, Yanick Paquette (we'd been friends on Facebook for a while now) surprised me when he posted this picture. He had been working on Wonder Woman: Earth One, a magnum opus, and said he was including my likeness as the bartender.


What tickles me more than anything else is that I am apparently serving Diana and her friend Beth (Morrison's version of Etta) Candy a drink. Notice that I'm smiling.


The third time's the charm, apparently. I don't know if I'll ever have the great privilege of other appearances, but I do know that these moments will forever change me. I am a part of Diana's world in ways I could never have imagined.


Thank you, Yanick and Gail. I am eternally grateful.

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