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The following are the four main characters of the TASK FORCE: GAEA series, and they comprise the U.N. Task Force. Each biography contains information relevant to Finding Balance only (book 1) so as not to give "spoilers" about later books in the series. Currently books 1, 2, and 3 are complete, with book 4 in the planning stages.



An archaeology professor at Boston University with a divine heritage, especially connections to Gaea and Apollo, Danelos Fairmont possesses the sword Thyroros, the PortalBearer, that contains both the Eye of Gaea and a gem that allows the bearer to use Boundless Vision to open a portal into any place he has been. Bound to an ancient prophecy, Dan wears an Earthsteel manacle etched with ancient Olympian symbols on his left wrist. During battle, an invisible shield appears if he uses that wrist to block an attack. Taking the codename AEGIS for Task Force: Gaea, he is the lynch-pin of the group. Technically a demigod, he has strength to rival Heracles, accelerated healing, and training in battle skill by the goddess Athene, making him a superior hand-to-hand combatant.


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Her ancestry from an ancient race, Sarah Bishop possesses Aether, a ring that once belonged to an ancient king of a powerful land, that allows her to control the Tetrastoikheia, or Four Elements: earth, air, fire, and water. A potter by trade, she understands the intricate relationship of these four aspects of Gaea, and has always had a strong connected to the Earth Mother. Having grown up pagan, she has embraced nature as a force all its own, allowing her to understand the Olympeian gods' role in her life. She goes by the codename AETHER in Task Force: Gaea. Although she is street savvy, having grown up in Boston, she can sometimes be a little naive when it comes to her understanding of the prophecy she has sworn to fulfill.

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A zoologist at Northeastern University, Brandon Jeffries possesses the amulet Ophthalmos Ouranou, the Eye of Ouranos, that allows him to channel the powers of Zodiac. Heavily tied to making the Earth a better place, he would sometimes prefers animals to people. He has ties to an ancient culture, although he doesn't know this, that allows him to be part of the prophecy that involves righting a heinous wrong against all of creation. He uses the name ZODIAK as part of Task Force: Gaea. 

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Dr. Aleta Halston, a geneticist, has her life changed radically when an experiment takes a dangerous turn, binding her DNA with that of a rare white eagle. A descendant of an ancient race, Aleta receives Nephoskizetes—the Cloudsplitter—a javelin of silver Earthsteel that allows her to channel Zeus' lightning. With this tool and her white wings, she takes the codename AETOS, 'eagle' in Greek. (*TALON as of Memory's Curse) for Task Force: Gaea. Perhaps the most headstrong of the group, Aleta uses humor and sarcasm to diffuse situations, but always likes to be in control of herself.

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