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2+0+2+4 = Balance

In numerology, the number 8 signifies infinity, self-confidence, inner strength...and balance.

At this pivot point, this new year, so many people want to make resolutions to be better, do better, live better, and so on. The problem is that they don't scaffold that success. They need to build a foundation for success to grow from. One doesn't just join a gym, start running, or take yoga, and "all will be well."

To achieve balance, one must set the foundation with smaller goals. Reasonable goals. Achievable goals. Confidence must be built brick by brick or that foundation won't hold. And failure makes people give up entirely.

As writers, we also have to have a foundation for growing our craft. Saying, "I'm going to write a novel!" or "I'm going to be published by the end of the year." sounds wonderful. It's a momentary dopamine hit. Without a light shining on the stepping stones to move forward, that high will fade. You need to bring some balance to that goal. You need to set the stones in place, one at a time.

If you want to write, you should. Write what moves you. Write every day or multiple times a day if you want to. Set the achievable goal. "Tomorrow, I want to brainstorm the novel I want to write." could be a good start. Do research. Explore other books in the same genre. Draw characters. Make a mind map or web. Write an opening line or paragraph or page. Get the ideas out of your head and onto paper or a computer document. Start.

But, don't beat yourself up the next day if you can't replicate that again. We all have lives. Things come up. Moods change. Be flexible. Understand that each moment is not beholden to any other.

Not all plans have to be linear. By setting and completing smaller goals, you fortify your confidence. Just like going to the gym, you need to build up those writing muscles, and that regimen will unfold. Just like being at the gym, mix it up, or you plateau.

The way to bring balance is to accept the idea that some days will be filled with creativity and magic, and other days will be you binging Netflix. Accept that. It's normal. As you reach some goals and miss others, you will learn about how important balance is to making your goals a reality.

Happy New Year. No, go and find the balance you need.

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